Our long-awaited ceramics project has begun at Vernon Park. The project will now be running every weekday, thanks to a grant from the Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund, as well as a donation from Nelstrop’s Flour Mill.

This new project is a fantastic opportunity for our members to develop their artistic skills and creativity, all while socialising and having fun.

We have wanted to deliver ceramics for some time.  Our artists have had the enthusiasm and have made things using air drying clay for some time.  Now we have a kiln we can do this to a professional standard.  Abigail Betton – Art Facilitator


Our first session got off to an exciting start as the group tried their hand at relief tiles.  First of all the group had to throw their clay down onto the table in order to get the air bubbles out. Once the clay was rolled out they then cut their clay into the shape they wanted.  The creativity could then begin! They used found objects to create textures in their clay with a whole range of stylish patterns made.  Once each tile is fired to bisque a range of colours will be used to decorate them.  They will then be glazed and fired again so they can be used.

I think everyone is going to enjoy ceramics. It’s really fun! It’s going to be interesting to see what everyone makes. It’s the first thing I said I wanted to try when I joined Pure.  Meg – Pure Studio Artist

Interested in joining our ceramics project?  This versatile and expressive medium can be used to create both functional and decorative work that may be fired to keep or sell.  No previous experience is required as members will learn a variety of techniques including hand building and throwing on the wheel with the assistance of experienced supporting artists.