Artist Profile – Darren

Darren has attended Pure Studio from day one, he really enjoys his time here, especially when painting on canvas.

Recently one of Darren’s paintings was sold to Kathryn, an artist based in Kent. She was passing the studio when she spotted Darren’s work. She was very impressed and bought an acrylic on canvas. Darren was very happy to have sold his work and said that he felt “proud and pleased” that it was going home with Kathryn.

Abigail Betton, Supporting Artist at Pure Studio, described his style of work as “abstract, very atmospheric and non-figurative. Darren is particularly good at using colour in his paintings”.

Although painting is Darren’s favourite medium, he has also compiled a collection of pencil work, with his pieces showing the full spectrum of colour by using tiny delicate marks as shown in the gallery below. Darren has created a number of works in this style, his favourites being the larger scale work. When viewed from distance, Darren’s pencil work looks like fire, his style is very distinctive.

Supporting Artist Patrick Blagbrough described Darren’s creative process; “He enjoys spending time preparing his materials and carefully chooses the colours he would like to use. He works slowly and takes great care, always stays focused and shows great dedication to his work”.

As well as taking part in the various creative projects at the studio, Darren also has a lot of responsibilities. Each day he helps gather materials and equipment for the days task, organises the recycling and helps tidy up after the sessions.

Darren’s fantastic artwork is on display in the studio and can also been seen at Pure Innovations in Stockport.



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