Artist Profile – Emily

Emily’s passion is art and she has real talent. At Pure Studio we are helping her access the same opportunities as artists without a learning disability so she can fulfil her true potential.

‘Emily has always loved art’, explained her mum Jenny. ‘At school she was awarded a GCSE in it and yet when she left college there seemed no way of taking it forward.‘

‘Then we found Pure Studio. The sessions are led by qualified artist, Abbie Betton – a lady with expectations! She helps the group with inspiring projects. It really is fabulous.’

Whilst at the Studio, Emily has created a lovely collection of work, a majority of which shows her interest in the royal family. One of her favourites is her portrait of The Queen. When this was submitted to the Best of Britain exhibition, Emily achieved the ambition of every artist: her work was exhibited for public viewing at a gallery.

Other art-themed activities with Pure Studio have included a trip to Hot Bed Press, a print workshop in Manchester where Emily experimented with letterpress and screen printing alongside mainstream artists.

Below you can view some of Emily’s recent work.

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