Neil has been attending the Pure Studio for one day a week for over a year. During this time he has developed his own individual style which has a contempory look and tends to involve collage.

“Neil follows his instincts whilst being creative. I think his work looks almost Aztec, I really like it”- Paddy Blagbrough, supporting artist.

Neil likes to draw and paint on pictures taken from some of our nations favourite newspapers and magazines, concentrating his efforts on the faces of famous musicians and movie stars. You can see some of Neil’s work as it adorns the entrance of Pure Studio in Reddish.

“Neil’s work originates from collage. He likes to take an image and change it’s meaning by adding marks in pen and paint, faces are of particular interest to him. I see Neil’s humour in his work, almost as if he is playing a fun trick on the peoples faces he finds in the newspaper”- Abigail Betton, supporting artist.

Neil’s latest piece coincides with the upcoming football season which is about to start. He has taken a picture of the Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho and has started to add his own unique style of lines and shapes to the picture.

Neil’s great work can be viewed in the gallery below.

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