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Recently, four members of Pure Studio, Melanie, Josh, Nic and Alex have taken on the role of research volunteers.  These roles involve gathering information about Stockport’s rich heritage and passing it onto Tim Ward, an artist who has been commissioned to create a sculpture celebrating our town in the planned Stockport Interchange.

Stockport Interchange will be a new space in central Stockport that will replace the current bus station, connecting visitors to the town and beyond.  Tim’s sculpture will run through the centre of the Interchange, bringing a beautiful focal point to the new space.  The role of our research volunteers is essential in assisting Tim to produce his piece as the information they gather will be a key reference point for his work.

The project has required our research volunteers to visit various sites including the fabulous Stockport Plaza, an art deco gem, this fascinating Heritage Library, a great place to find out more about your areas history and the historic market square.

This page is dedicated to the huge collection of photographs the research volunteers have collected since starting their exciting roles.

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Photographs taken by research volunteers of Stockport Museum’s collection.

Though the project has involved research through various mediums, the most interesting aspects have involved exploring the town’s various museums and libraries.  Nic and Alex began by visiting Stockport Museum, situated in the Market square.  The museum has lots of interesting displays about all sorts from the history of the market, sporting legends, Vernon Park and Museum and Stockport’s cotton spinning industry.

Did you know that Stockport War Memorial was opened by Prince George and was built with donations from local businesses and institutions?

Did you know that the market was built in 1861 and was inspired by Crystal Palace. It is known as the Glass Umbrella?

Information gathered at Stockport Museum.


Next up was a walk down to the Underbank, a historic shopping area which is home to Winter’s, a wonderful pub with a beautiful clock.


Whilst there, Nic and Alex interviewed Martin, the pubs manager who told them about the buildings history and how it came to have the clock outside.  Martin told them that the building was originally a pub, but then became an orphanage, then a jewellers (1859), then a pub again (1980’s).  He said that Jacob Winter was the Jeweller and that he made the clock.  It features a soldier, a sailer and Old Father Time.  Martin showed Nic and Alex the huge clock mechanism.  Our thanks to Martin for showing us around and telling us about Winter’s.

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