Interchange Scroll.jpg

Our research volunteers have finally completed their research.  They have visited various sites across Stockport, used the internet to learn more and spent time looking at resources at Stockport Heritage Library.


To bring this collection of work together research volunteers and friends illustrated their findings on this beautiful scroll.  Measuring at approx 2.5 metres each part shows an area of particular interest to our artists.

In addition to this they also compiled a large folder of paintings, drawings, cuttings and printed information to inspire artists Tim Ward as he designs his sculpture for the new Stockport Interchange.

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I have enjoyed been a research volunteer. I used the computer, books, visited places and took photos for Tim to use in his project. I’m looking forward to seeing his sculpture, I can’t wait! I enjoyed learning about different places. If any one would like to visit a historical place in Stockport, I recommend the Market. It’s very old, looks nice and is very interesting. It looks like somewhere you would see on holiday.

– Research volunteer Nick

It was good to meet Tim. He did a slide show and showed us his work. It is very good, I couldn’t believe he had made so many sculptures! I’d never met an artist before. When the sculpture is finished at the Interchange I’ll go along and see it. It’s going to be great!

– Pure Studio Artist

During this project Melanie, Josh, Alex and Nick have visited:

  • Stockport Museum, 30 Market Place, Stockport, SK1 1ES.
  • Winters Pub, 23 Little Underbank, Stockport, SK1 1LA.
  • Stockport Market and Underbank, Market Place, Stockport, SK1 1ES.
  • Stockport Plaza
  • Stockport Town Hall
  • St Mary’s Church & Stockport Heritage Centre
  • Stockport Heritage Library
  • The Hatworks Museum
  • Stockport Air Raid Shelters

We would like to thank artist Tim Ward and Nicola Middler of Artsreach who have involved us in this exciting project.  Staff at the heritage library who have helped us find all the information we have needed. Staff at Stockport Plaza, staff at Winters Pub and volunteers at Stockport Heritage Centre who have answered many questions.

Best of luck Tim!  We’re sure the sculpture will look wonderful!