Pure Animation explores stop motion animation using professional standard technology within a supportive group.

Beginning with simple animation techniques, we teach our members all the skills necessary to gain creative independence through this exciting medium.

Sessions include technical tutorials, from how to turn on a camera through to how to upload online, story boarding, techniques and style, research and appreciation, set design, character development and sound. All done with an emphasis on team work and confidence building.


I started animation a couple of months ago and really enjoy it. I like to create things out of plasticine and paper mache. I like creating things that I’m interested in like video games and tv shows.  I like coming to the Grey Horse as it gives me something to do which is better then staying at home. I have learnt new things such as technical animation and computer skills. I have become much more independent as well in animation but if there are any problems, I can tell staff who are friendly.  

– Pure Animation member

Pure Animation’s Youtube page can be found here.